We offer world-class services through agile or traditional methodologies by relying on the most talented pool of engineers.

EvaLogical is the next generation technology startup and Design Studio that delivers Mobile and Web solutions to our customers globally. Our in-house software engineers join all together to deliver high-quality software system solutions. Which helps our customers to attain their important business objectives.

We have worked on numerous projects starting from straightforward websites to complicated enterprise architectures, desktop, web-enabled applications, mobile and cloud familiarized architectures.


At EVALOGICAL, we comprehend that our gifted pool of experts is in charge of our organization's prosperity. We pride ourselves on cultivating an innovative and collegial workplace where singular points of view are regarded. We give our workers a strong establishment by giving boundless chances to ceaseless learning and progressing proficient improvement and self-improvement. Every representative is an esteemed individual from the Evalogical family. We firmly trust that when we show a full pledge to our representatives' fulfillment and prosperity, they respond with an unparalleled commitment to our group and our customers. We have built up a one of a kind, remunerating corporate culture dependent on four key standards.

Why you should choose us?

After looking through you may ponder 'for what reason should you pick us?' Pretty much an important inquiry and indeed, we do have sensible responses for you as well


The word enthusiasm has a fire in itself, we do this for you out of our energy for the work and the result of untiring energy. The one component that you might look for is quality and indeed, it is our obsession that reflects as the quality in the item you get from us.


The beginning of a true relationship starts with empathy. Be it a business to customer or business to business or the employer to employee or employee to employer relationship. It is going on for a long-term relationship if and only if there is an empathy in between. We as a team off course believe in this empathy management.


Because customer is God and there is no one above the God. We believe in delivering you the best of the best products and we are all eyes and ears to fulfil every single requirement that you propose to us. There is nothing in this world that can fail sincerity when combined with hard work.


We are thrilled to take up any customer challenge that is brought to us and that will be solved right in front of you with utmost Genuity. We provide services with utmost integrity and we will have the right answer to any of your questions based on product development.


"To help B2B business owners providing straightforward solutions that might facilitate them to tackle thier issues."


  • Simplicity - Easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing, navigable and responsive user interface that speaks for itself
  • Consistency - Persistent organization of UI in a meaningful and useful way so that it becomes apparent to the user
  • Tolerance - Prevent errors by tolerating varied user inputs and mistakes
  • Language - Clear, concise, unambiguous use of language familiar to the audience
  • Feedback - Keep the user informed of actions, errors or exceptions and change of state and conditions
  • Affordable - Deliver premium quality software services to our customers worldwide at truly affordable cost.


At Evalogical, we have a tendency to square measure distinctive as a result of our core development team has the potential to tackle advanced business problems employing numerous solutions. in spite of whether or not you're a takeoff needing to develop new code to disrupt a longtime business, or associate degree enterprise organization trying to power efficiencies and build a sturdy IT strategy, we have the potential to support you.

By looking forward to the foremost proficient pool of turned on and artistic code engineers, we have a tendency to a square measure creating your product super-successful.