Mobile Develpoment: Case Study.

About UnionYoga

Union is an independently owned Yoga studio nestled in the heart of Margate. They offer 25 classes per week with a variety of styles to suit all ages & abilities. Whether people are a total beginner or an experienced practitioner, they have got programmes accordingly.


The team has several options for integrating a booking application because there is a whole big market for booking applications with a lot of features. But they wanted a simple and their own application for the brand, because they couldn't able to add more customized features on other applications with affordable prices.


They gave us the whole idea about the application and branding as a requirement and asked to maintain the brand color and logo very simple and unique. We have started understanding the user needs in first place and checked whether what the customers had in mind about booking a yoga class. So we have made a journey with a lot of questions regarding the usability and rough ideas in our brainstorming session. We have made rough sketches of each screen, then created the wireframes. Stakeholders are really a part of each session of the process made our work easy and finally made the visual designs. Here you can check some of the processes we have gone through of making the design and developing the application.

Branding of the Product

Branding is an important part of every product development phases. Here we got the requirement for the logo design is, it should carry a conveying design of a person bending like a yoga pose with the letter U included. We have made so many sketches and the client loved the design of the above concept very much. You can see the U and the yoga pose with brand color palettes we created for Entire project.

Icons we used in the Product

We chose to pick the web fonts over creating a new icon system because of the short timeframe for the whole development process. So we decided to stick on ionic icons in the entire application, which also helps to keep the design standard of Material design and IOS design as well. The ionic icons have plenty of icons which has three options to select like the above image shows. Those who need to refer it please check the link below:

Final themes for the Dashboard

After all the process we have come up with two designs for the Dashboard, but for keeping the branding unique and the stakeholder loved the black & white version of the Dashboard. The grid menu of main options are so easy to access when the user opens the application and all other options are available in the hamburger menu. Easy access to login and register the application, payment history, scheduling the classes finding yoga studios in the map all are way more easy to use and with good UI.

Final Screens after all Process

Why PWA(Progressive Web Apps)?

Progressive Web App (PWA) performs better than web apps because it works flawlessly in all possible internet connection speed. It works better on low internet and also it helps to run some of the operations even the mobile is offline. Some of the PWA frame-works help to achieve native components or plugins to get mobile experiences. In our case, we decided to build it in PWA because the product is not so complex and we need some of the native features in it. Mostly the development time is really short for us to build this application, so in that case, the hybrid application development is fast to build and it works great in any devices with a single code base.


Over the last two years, millions of developers from nearly every industry around the world have built over millions of mobile apps with Ionic, because it's so easy to make an application even if the development time is short. We have already experienced in creating applications in ionic so there was no need of thinking to chose another platform. Ionic 2 is better than the previous version, so decided to develop the product in Ionic 2. The development cycle was so smooth and the application completed successfully with some native features included in it.

"Stakeholders never fall in love with technologies, they always love with good experience: so if someone who delivers a good user experience that makes trust and business goals is real UX designer."


posted 11 Mar 2019 , by Nithin John