Progressive Web Apps will conquer the web development in future, you know why?

As we know mobile devices are going to be the future of the world, tech people more focusing on mobile to reach their products. We all know people using mobile phones are rising like more than anytime. So here is the possibility and use of Progressive Web App (PWA).

So what is this Progressive Web App or PWA

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application which helps to run modern web technologies, native mobile components etc which helps to produce a Native like mobile application. It behaves like native applications and also it gives more performance than any other web application.

How it differ from other web apps.

Progressive Web App (PWA) preforms more better than web apps because it works flawlessly in all possible internet connection speed. It works better in low internet and also it helps to run some of the operations even the mobile is ofline.

Some of the PWA frame works help to achieve native components or plugins to get mobile experinces.

For example:

  • Camera
  • Location
  • Map
  • Push notifications
  • File access
  • Offline operations

These are some of the Native app feature which PWA can access.And also a single code base can deliver a single product to any mobile platform like Android, Ios, Windows etc which makes cost effective also. It can work in the background which helps give you notification even if you are not active.

Check the Native features which can access by PWA:


Downsides of PWA:

  • Not all features of Native can access.
  • Not all browsers support full features.
  • Not completley IOS frindly.

Some of the PWA frameworks in markets


Tech world hopes the PWA can access more native features and make more native friendly web apps. The technology brings new amazing stuffs day by day so we tech freaks are also keen to get to work on new things every day. Even we are making PWA in our studio️, so why are you guys waiting for…make a new PWA app.

You can find some of the PWA application

posted 12 Feb 2018 , by Nithin John