Over the last couple of days, am on a mission with my software development team to create a simple and valuable transport management system. my course of duty was to do research on two things, 

  • Why Logistics Companies are reluctant in leaving their legacy transport management systems? 
  • What are their problems when it comes to transport management system? I was interviewing a couple of logistic business owners, here is a summary of it. 
  • Transferring from legacy to the new transport management system is a costly affair. They are worried about the server setups, how much would it cost. etc. 
  • They are concerned about the revenue generation part, how far is this application gonna help me in my transportation business? I will give an answer to all the queries. Am just listing it down. 
  • Do we need to get any kind of training for this new transportation management software? We don't have time for the same. 
  • We just wanna use the minimum version, we aren't interested in buying the whole suit right now? In the end, we are quite happy since we could answer most of the queries raised by the prospects.

 Here we go, 

1)Our New Transportation System is designed in the cloud, it means you don't have to worry about the servers, routers or anything like that. It is completely managed by us and our internal teams.

 2)Using an effective Transportation system would help business owners to manage the operations and provide better customer services. For example - If I am able to keep track of my frequent customer, I could give them loyalty points or discount in the upcoming bill. I can understand what is the delivery rate and help the transportation team to come up with route optimization. Based on the data, I can see the predict the revenue generations and loopholes where I have missed my customers. 

3)The system is quite simple and less number of options. There is no need for any training. A couple of minutes would be the maximum to pick up the speed. 

4)We have designed the system for everyone, even the small scale to enterprise trucking companies. Can be benefited out of our system.

posted 20 Feb 2019 , by Joby John