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A completely custom made Tourism website that keeps the the users engaged with user friendly features for a smooth user experience

Travel and Tourism

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Our Role: Web design Web Development UI/UX Product Engineering Mobile development

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The client’s idea was to facilitate all the travelers with their needed facilities through a single online portal. With this ideology, the client decided to develop an online website and android and iOS mobile apps where travelers will be able to view the listing of destinations/tourist attractions, Book Hotels, Connect Taxi/Cab Services, find the Restaurants near by, etc. Evalogical, with its unique software development services offered an online travel platform for the client.

Custom Development


During the development of the Online Travel Application, the key challenges that need to be addressed are Development of a web-based solution that is adaptive, customizable, innovative, and capable of catering to the needs of online travel website. Integration of the payment gateway for easy payment. Implementation of different filtration and sorting criteria. Implementation of the Taxi listing, restaurants and hotels listing based on the location Managing and maintaining updates in different functionality like price, rating, certification, etc. Implementation of the search feature based on order number and booking number. Implementation of the cart functionality, to maintain and manage the booking information. Implementation of the customized offers and deals.

Custom Development




We are a process-driven design agency. Before getting started, we first discuss the details of the design project clearly.



This is the planning stage. At this point, we will provide you with the wireframing based on your specific requirements.



As soon as our team finalize the wireframes and the specifications, we will start working on the designing aspects.



As committed to you, this is the stage when you will be provided with the first draft of the design for your review and feedback.


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Custom Development
web development
web development


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Technologies Implemented

  • react js

    React JS

  • laravel


  • bootstrap


  • react native

    React Native

  • Amazon Cloud

    Amazon Cloud


Web Design
Web Development
Custom Development
Coldfusion Development Mobile App Development
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Web Design

web ui ux design in usa
web ui ux design in usa
web ui ux design in usa
web ui ux design in usa
web ui ux design in usa

Tailoring a brand identity, website and many mobile applications
for a global travel and tourism platform

web ui ux design in usa


Mobile App

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web design services usa
web design services usa
web design services usa
web design services usa
web design services usa
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Mobile App Development

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