Modern Talent management solutions reduce the time to hire talent by recruitment marketing, employee referral and streamline employee onboarding. Streamline all the background verification process with pre-employment screening solutions which help to ensure the candidate meet you organization expectation. Create better talent assessment tools like surveys, quizzes, tests, and exams can help enhance employee skills as well as to monitor.

Johns Hopkins University defines talent management as, "a set of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees."
Talent Management


Manage the workforce effectively with tracking all the workforce activities for a productive and cost-effective workforce. We can automate all the activities of the workforce, managing absences and leaves and with right reporting. Engage employees with understanding the company policies, managing goals, and performance, performing timely reviews and providing compensation. For delivering an engaging user experience all self-service and are available on desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and tablets. Get real-time insights into hours worked, vacations earned and overtime worked. Also get insight data of absence, leaves, payroll and project. This helps in suggesting better and timely performance and justify their decision with data. With sturdy project and expense management with high-level visibility of workforce data and restricted access to financial data. Transform all the paperwork and manual process in expense management to accurate accounting with automated reports and alerts when out of compliance spending occur.


The integrated payroll management solution should accurately present the employee rewards and compensation with payroll by automating a variety of technical, administrative, and analytic tasks. Give in-depth insights of employee compensation data with customization reports and also communicate this with appropriate staff. Let administrators create, change compensation model with change in organization plans. Keep everyone informed about the compensation letters and statements.

Payroll Management


HR analytics helps the organization to use their employee data and turn to valuable insights for the improvement of the organization operation. The success of every business depends on the level of expertise and skills of the workforce. Provide forecasts to prioritize the core competencies your business needs now and in future.

HR has core functions that can be enhanced by applying processes in analytics. These are acquisition, optimization, paying and developing the workforce of the organization. HR analytics can help to dig problems and issues surrounding these requirements and using analytical workflow will guide the managers to answer questions and gain insights from information at hand, then make relevant decisions and take appropriate actions.

HR analytics