ColdFusion is the key to development of powerful web applications and web services in a much faster way, more secure and easier way. It is compatible with most of the platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, etc. and is widely used for developing dynamic web applications.

You are on right Place!

We at EVALOGICAL have an expert team of ColdFusion developers, skilled in the latest versions of ColdFusion and holding a rich experience in developing customized ColdFusion web applications, Enterprise Apps, shopping sites, ColdFusion CMS and CRM.

What makes Coldfusion standout!

ColdFusion website development and ColdFusion web application development services are chosen by clients worldwide owing to the technology’s numerous advantages.

  • Built-in HTML5 support
  • Formidable security standards
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Easily create interactive web application
  • Cross platform framework
  • Load-balance across multi Web Servers
  • Built-in HTML5 support
  • Built-in reports

Advantage of working with EVALOGICAL ColdFusion teams

  • EVALOGICAL team has vast experience in developing and maintaining ColdFusion based applications using various Frameworks, ColdFusion CMS based web applications and much more.
  • EVALOGICAL has the ability and band width to put together a large team of ColdFusion consultants with varied domain and technology expertise to dedicatedly work on your ColdFusion project engagements with the option to scale up/down the team at a short notice
  • Dedicated Engagement Manager allotted to handle 3 or more member ColdFusion team to ensure that the project engagement is smooth, client requirements are clearly understood and any possible red flags are handled in a timely manner.

Coldfusion Development Services

EVALOGICAL provides a range of development services on ColdFusion platform. Our Key ColdFusion centric services include:

  • ColdFusion web application development
  • Providing solution architecture for new ColdFusion applications
  • Building new ColdFusion applications from scratch
  • Maintain and enhance existing ColdFusion applications
  • Code & Database optimization
  • Overhauling and Fine tuning legacy ColdFusion applications
  • Migration services and upgrading to latest ColdFusion versions.
  • Hosting and Maintaining ColdFusion applications.
  • Converting ColdFusion applications to .Net, JSP, PHP and other technologies and vice versa.
  • Extending ColdFusion based applications to Mobile platforms
  • ColdFusion based content management system development
  • ColdFusion web API development
  • ColdFusion and Python/Django integration services
  • Responsive web development with the ColdFusion and JavaScript
  • ColdFusion and PHP integration services
  • ColdFusion and ASP .NET integration services
  • ColdFusion and HTML5 integration services
  • ColdFusion web services development