JQuery is the most promising cross-browser and object-oriented JavaScript library. Navigating through documents, creating animations, selecting DOM element and much more is made very easy using JQuery. EVALOGICAL can help you leverage the benefits of jQuery with our knowledge and expertise. JQuery includes providing rich effects in UI widgets and plug-ins and has proved to be a strong contributor in the implementation of Ajax applications.

Benefits of JQUERY development

  • The jQuery library is open source.
  • It is a lightweight JavaScript library.
  • It works anywhere. It will work on any browser, mobile phone or tablet, and even on Apple devices.
  • JQuery is SEO friendly and CSS3 compliant.
  • JQuery is very popular, widely-used and also the most extendible.
  • Robust and reliable solutions which lasts long.
  • Better API uniformity with jQuery.
  • Cross-browser compatible solution.

Features of jQuery

  • CSS manipulation.
  • DOM elements functionality, along with traversal and modifications.
  • Animation effects.
  • Extensibility advantage.
  • Utilities - such as browser version and the each function.